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To provide FREE 3D printed hands for those in need.   Our club - Handling The Future recognizes that with the cost of  prosthetics so high, free 3D printed hands are a wonderful alternative that can be delivered quickly.

Coming activities

With Summer upon us, one client wants to be able to swim, something he used to do for many years.  We are in the process of printing a hand (7.5 hours), adjusting for fit and delivering it.


 Exciting news - We delivered a new device called a Swim Fin to a client that has his full left hand and fingers, but do to an accident, no feeling or functionality with that hand. He is an active person, as much as possible, and with this device he can obviously swim in a more balanced fashion. Further excitement comes when the realization that other items can now be held.  Our friends in a Wood Turner's Club has offered to turn devices and next up is a telescopic back scratcher and kitchen utensils with wider handles for tighter gripping. 

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Current / Future

We are working with a number of clients in the evaluation stages.   Stay tuned for those updates or reach out to us if you know of someone we might be able to assist.

GREAT NEWS (September 2018); we should be meeting next week with a young gal and her Mom to be measured for two prosthetic fingers.   Below you can see we printed and assembled (about 8 hours) to show the client.


3D Printing - A child’s fingers

This small club (Handling The Future) in Valencia Lakes works tirelessly with the goal to provide 3D printed prosthesis (hands, arms and fingers) free of charge to clients that have a need through birth or life’s traumas.  One afternoon last week we meet with a mom and her daughter (12 years) who is in need of two fingers that were formed “short” do to a birth defect.  In preparation we printed a test finger to demonstrate the functionality, two “bumpers” for attachment to a wrist bracelet and alternatively a harness.

During our session she eventually came out of her shell and opened up to questions and her interests with our team’s retired occupational therapists and their questions.  One member shared the technology of 3D printing which opened her eyes even more. As Ideas were shared we learned that her favorite color is blue - the wheels turned and a need to 3D print her fingers in shades of blue.  Numerous detailed measurements in millimeters (mm) were taken of her 2 fingers as well as on the other hand. When walking out of the clubhouse turning our separate ways we overheard her tell mom, “I’m so excited”.  WOW

Many thanks to our Beading Club for the member making a most gorgeous bracelet for her to wear with the prosthetic.  She truly loved it with a giant smile on her face.

Today’s work session is dedicated to designing the fingers for her, then comes the printing, assembly and ultimately meeting with her again.  A roll of filament (ink) that we use in the 3D printer cost about $50 each & can yielding about 4 hands . A few donations will go along way, so if you can please mail a check  to: Handling The Future, c/oValencia Lakes, 16003 Valencia Club Drive, Wimauma, FL 33598.    

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Handling The Future


Q. Do I have to live near by?

A. No, we work with people around the country with our connections with eNable.

Q. How do I get started?

A. Simply contact us at